The Ingham County Democratic Party serves Ingham County’s
Democrats and strives to provide them with a responsible, hard
working and responsive Democratic government.

All of Ingham County’s elected county wide officials are currently
Democrats. Additionally, 11 of the 14 County Commissioners are
Democrats.  We are proud of their service, and work with these
elected officials at every possible opportunity to continue
implementing the policies and reforms the voters of Ingham
County deserve.
Our party is committed to maintaining this
democratic majority by supporting Democratic candidates.

The Expanded Executive Committee Meeting is held the third
Wednesday of each month (July picnic and December holiday
party excepted) at the Human Services Building, 5803
Cedar Street, Lansing. The meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. .
If a speaker is scheduled the meeting begins at 6:30 p.m.


1005 Abbot Rd, Suite B,
East Lansing, MI 48823

Ph:  (517) 337-0027
Email:  icdp@sbcglobal.net



Ingham County GOTV (Absentee Voter Chase) Phone Bank Update 

Pam Oesterle of Mason making calls in the Holt phone bank yesterday.

Today, Thursday October 30

Join us today between 1p-6p at Tom Cochran’s Field Office located at 2126 N. Aurelius in Holt, MI. You may make calls in the office; or you make pick up a list
and take it home. Please note that, if you pick up a list, it will need to be returned by 6pm today for the purpose of data entry.


If you have time today, a computer and phone you may make calls from home using the Virtual Phone Bank. To get one, please send an email to:
LaShawnErby@gmail.com or call 254-4470275.

PARTY TIME… Looking for people to host phone banks in their homes on Saturday that are strictly for recruiting volunteers for GOTV Shifts. Interested in
having a small group over? These 
can be fun. Call LaShawn at the number above for more information. 

Linda Danders and Nancy Yeager making calls from the Okemos Phone Bank in Linda’s home this past Tuesday.




yard sign mages



If you are looking for yard signs you can pick them up at the Coordinated Campaign office which is at 2842 E. Grand River Avenue in East Lansing behind the Coral Gables Restaurant.  There is a small strip mall right behind the restaurant you won’t be able to miss the Campaign Office for all the posters etc. in the windows.

The phone number for the Coordinated Campaign office is 313/412-0763.  

Peters for U.S. Senate yard signs are available at County Party HQ stop by and pick one up. The office will be staffed on the following days this week:


Wednesday, October 8th from 10am -2pm Liza Estlund Olson

Thursday, October 9th from 12noon – 2pm Sandy Zerkle

Friday, October 10th from 9am – 11am – Isaac Francisco with a really cute baby in tow

Friday, October 10th from 4pm -6pm Liza Estlund Olson